Monday, May 31, 2004

Gasoline, Iraq; economy still in shock; neo-con haiku...

Project for a new
American Century:
Strategery's born

"Go get a real job"
Said Dubya to Michael Moore-
Go steal one, Bush did

Bush wakes up sleepy
Misunderestimates war;
Nap time comes real soon

Cheney helps his friends
Halliburton no-bid deals:
Profiteering scum

Miller shills for Bush
Neo-con wolf looks sheepish-
Smacked-down, but not sacked

Foolish Tom Delay
Thought teachers suckers for sure-
Wrong, he cut and ran

"Blowing off some steam"
Rush Limbaugh defending rape;
Jail might change his mind

New York times lost face
Bought all of Chalabi's lies-
Rove could ask no more

They blame Bill Clinton
Failed, they say, to stop evil:
True! Bush took power

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