Friday, November 05, 2004

This Blog Has Moved!!

Well, the bones are up for the new site of IDV. You can find it at . I'm still putting links together, but all new posts will be there. I hope you've enjoyed this blog, but I think the style and function in the new site will make it a much better blogging experience on both sides. Please point any links to the new address.



Wednesday, November 03, 2004


I weep for you America. I weep for knowing how far our nation has swumg toward favoring aggresive wars...limiting personal freedoms....hatred....ignorance....

This is not the nation I was once so proud to be a citizen of. This is a country of bigots...of hypocrits...of selfish douchebags who honestly believe the bullshit being fed them by Bush and Company. Sad....Sad.............Sad...

Where will this country be in 4 years? Contrary to what wingnuts will claim of me, I hope Bush is one of the best presidents over the next for years than I have ever experienced....not likely to happen, but that is my wish. What I fear will happen is a grinding of our military...ballooning debt combined with a failing, faltering economy...isolation unlike any the US has seen in over 80 years...and more Big Brother policies than even Wells could imagine.

There is now little incentive for Bush to hold back on all the things he wants to do. Wingnuts will hold both chambers of Congress, just as they have for what feels like decades. Will they pass laws that help citizens? Not likely...but Bush and his team will have every conservative legal issue pushed so far to the right we'll fall off the track.......

I weep for this, and wonder...What The Hell Is Wrong With You?!?!? Is Kerry perfect? Hell No. But Bush has been the singular worst president in decades, and yet, he gets MORE votes in 2004 than 2000? Jesus Christ, this is a SAD, SAD day for this nation and for the world.

The election won't be officially decided for days, awaiting Ohio, but it is over regardless. Bush will win, and unfortunately, we are stuck with four more years with Chimpo...


Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Early Calls, No Surprises

GA, KY, and IN called for Bush, VT for Kerry. 34-3 Bush early, no changes from 2000 so far and no surprises here.

Pics from Voting today.

Island Tiffiney:

Island Dave:

Kerry Wins! ...? : Zogby calls it for Kerry! Zogby's last minute polls indicate a Kerry landslide. Can we be so fortunate?

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