Saturday, June 12, 2004

Can we get W to skydive with Poppy?

(falling through the clouds...)

"DUBYA! For the last time, don't pull the zipper, son, you gotta pull the cord!"

(smirk)(wink)"...Exemplorary strategry, Poppy, exemplorary. (pulls cord) See? I is learning...." (another smirk)

(drifting slowly, Poppy is smart enough to move a safe distance from the accident prone W.)

( a while later, W, whistling TV tunes, smirks, and then frowns) "I do believe them there's a missle...Oh, sh...!"

(Poppy watching W explode in a fiery plume)

"I'll be damned, that SDI bullshit does protect America after all!"

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