Thursday, June 03, 2004

Washington heats up...

With the resignation today of Tenet (although he isn't leaving until mid-July), and the deepening investigation into the leaking of CIA agent Valerie Plame's identity, for which Bush has taken an unusual step to procure an outside lawyer, the Bush Administration ship is springing leaks quickly.

The lawyer chosen by Bush, Jim Sharp, has been involved with a Washington scandal previously, having represented General Richard Secord in the Iran-Contra investigations.

In the Plame investigation, which saw the a Washington Post article state that "two senior White House officials" were involved in the leak, reportedly allowed for pure "revenge," the consequences for Bush are extremely troubling. He could face a charge of "misprision" which is a term which basically means he had knowledge of a crime but failed to report it to the authorities. Although not as serious a situation as may be faced should the Feds decide to act on Bush's lies to Congress, the resulting political fiasco is just as likely.

Dems are getting involved in the pursuit of legal means to bring down this destructive and damaging administration, demanding a probe into Cheney's influence in the no-bid Halliburton deals after an email message was recovered stating that the deals had been "coordinated" by the VP's office.

Don't forget that the Bush administration has promised an investigation into the Chalabi-Iran information leaks. Finally, this scandalous group of people is being beset with scandals!

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