Saturday, October 23, 2004


Oh, how I laughed with this story from the Court TV (via Yahoo):
A Republican in Colorado fell flat on his face trying to steal campaign signs touting John Kerry (news - web sites) and other local Democratic candidates.


"He already had the sign in hand and was running out of the parking lot when he tripped over a low chain that blocked off the driveway," Stigall said.

Wagner fell flat on his face and was knocked unconscious. His wife, unaware of his accident, remained in the car.
Do I have to vigorously shake my head at this to show how moronic this guy is? Jesus. What happened to freedom of speech? He would rather break the law in multiple ways than allow someone else to express a personal political choice. Pathetic. He just made my list for Jerk of the Year nominees, though the tripping and knocking himself out part loses him points for humor during the deed...

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