Sunday, June 13, 2004

Current Events Monitor--online mini-digest

I don't have time this weekend to put out a full version of the CEM, so here are a few good links for you. The next CEM will be later this week, but publishing regularity will be spotty until after June 25 when my exams and finals projects are complete. Enjoy!

NYTimes on e-voting, which is less secure than video gambling...

US killed many civilians, no top Iraqi officials, during misguided bombing in war.

Bush strategy has devastated the U.S. Army.

Congress likely to pass another foolish corporate tax bill.

Posts Jim Hoagland chases Bush administration's vicious cycle in Iraq.

It is official: Marion Berry is back in politics!

GOP using any means necessary to steal voters, even breaking the law (big surprise)

Howard Dean on his Presidential campaign.

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