Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Debunking one of the many White House lie campaigns...

After the Washington Post ran a highly critical article about the Bush campaign's negative and "misleading" ads, the Bush campaign issued a press release which claimed to "correct" the Washington Post's "lies." However, as blogger Joel Caris's research has proven, the release actually proves the points made in the Post article. Great job Joel!

When will the press continue to avoid challenging political assertions? Why is it asking too much for journalism to shift the balance of job responsibilities from writing to investigation? So many seem so caught up in exposing the next scandal and arguing amongst themselves, adding their own names to the national dialog, that they completely overlook outrageous lies being disseminated by our major "official" political parties.

The blogosphere has provided a wonderful underground network of "debunkers" who put in endless hours researching subjects and providing a stimulus for intelligent dialog. Hopefully, this new addition to the Fourth Estate can build upon the free-flow of information which is the strength of the Internet and create a new "legitimate" competitor for the corporate media. Bloggers have allowed journalism to be separated from the media, a much needed separation to be sure. Few make money doing this, but the value of the information they provide is priceless.

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