Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Herseth win could help Kerry and Democrats

If Herseth can prevail tonight, Kerry might have a new rallying point for his campaign. Democrats feel a new wind blowing, and a win tonight would provide some proof that there is a serious chance to make changes in leadership in November.

Kerry's chances of winning go up tremendously when the party as a whole is successful, as the Republican Congressmen have proven in several past elections.

Hopefully, Kerry will embrace this and start pushing the momentum to a higher level in advance of the convention. With Kerry driving Democrats to recognize the chances, this party might well make big changes in Congress and the Senate.

With the excitement Dean offered earlier this year getting many moderate Dems up off their butts to keep him from winning the nomination, Gore's speech last week may have gotten the other, more liberal Dems energized. Hopefully, both groups can come together to support Kerry
A lot of people are concerned about Nader again this year, but I think you'll find that many people are giving pollers their choice from their heart, which has Nader with as much as 7% the vote. Hopefully, Nader voters are as smart as they claim to be, and will use their heads to vote for Kerry in November. Nader polled as much as 7% prior to the 2000 election, but pulled less than 3% on election day. This year will be even more dramatic.

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