Friday, June 25, 2004

Just talked to Roger Eaton

I got a call a few minutes ago from Roger Eaton, the Democratic candidate for the 3rd Congressional District in NC. He expressed his interest in having me join his campaign as a volunteer, and we've set a meeting for Tuesday at his campaign office in Morehead City.

Eaton suffers, as he told me on the phone, from a lack of name exposure, and one thing he has asked about is passing out fliers at polling spots during the July primary. His opponent, Walter Jones, is a conservative in the same mold as Jesse Helms, and can count amongst his many lackluster accomplishments the coining of the term "Freedom Fries." Jones has served in the House since 1994, and has the fortune to represent a rural, heavily right-leaning district.

I'll bring everyone an update soon. Mr. Eaton's website does not host online contributions yet, but if you can help his campaign with even a few bucks, send a check to:
Roger Eaton for Congress
PO Box 674
Morehead City, NC 28557
Be sure to include the name of your employer and your occupation as required by law. (Mr. Eaton is limiting contributions to only those individuals who live in the 3rd District of NC.)

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