Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Oh, the ironies...

Jacksonville, NC, home of the Marine's Camp Lejuene, is considering naming a new road after Reagan.

Not really that unusual this week, right?

In this case, however, the new road was originally planned to be named in honor of MLK Jr. Instead, Reagan, a man known as giving human and civil rights a cold shoulder, will find his moniker in place

After failing to name the new road after MLK Jr, due in part to the pre-existence of another MLK Jr. Highway, the town is now seeking to jump ahead of any "competitors."
From the Jacksonville Daily News:

"We found out we couldn't be Martin Luther King Jr., and my only concern is that if we wait to make this proposal, we won't be Ronald Reagan, either"==Councilman Horace Mann
Not that this isn't irony enough, but there is more.

The new highway is actually a bypass to an existing route. This means, of course, that the new road will miss all of downtown. Avoided will be homeless people, government housing complexes, unemployment lines, and welfare recepients.

Maybe Ronald Reagan Highway would the most appropriate choice after all...

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