Thursday, June 03, 2004

Mission Accomplished...Olympics-style

Originally posted in a comment thread by me on Daily Kos, slightly edited for IDV:

The Olympics will provide a significant diversion of press coverage from the election. In fact, I would not be surprised to see Bush aggressively identify with the American Olympians to make one last ditch attempt to rally the "patriots" to his call.

Can anyone else see this photo-op?:

Location: Greek main stadium:

Torch is circling the track to the final exit up the steps;

Crowd cheering madly;

Up pops a US Apache helicopter, hovers just beside unlit Olympic flame cauldron;

A ladder decends...a man dressed in digital camos, dark goggles, and mess gloves shimmies down quickly.

As the torch runner nears the caudron, the masked soldier steps forward

The mask is removed, revealing...

George W. Bush "Let me help you, as I help all the world's people," says the President, snatching the torch from the runner. "Freedom... Democracy....Four more years!"

George dramatically holds the torch high in the air, his other hand stretched into a thumbs-up display. The torch is slightly tilted toward the cauldron;

Flame erupts skyward just as fireworks explode, spelling out "Mission Accomplished....if Bush is reelected"

"Paid for by the campaign to reelect George W. Bush" blasts across the loudspeaker...

White American males between the ages of 18-40 jump in the air, pumping their fists, once again being proud to be Americans...

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