Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Prepping for the Outfoxed premier

Anyone who is getting excited about Sunday's Outfoxed House Parties should check out these links to get an idea of what will be presented:

You can watch the movie trailer and clips from the film at the official site.

NYTimes article about producer Robert Greenwald and the making of Outfoxed.

Here is an NPR interview with Greenwald.

Media Matters for America got ahold of 33 internal Fox documents.

Salon's take on the movie. (Click on the free one-day pass and view an ad to read full article.)

For those attending Island Dave's "Outfoxed" House Party who are new to my blog, welcome to Island Dave's View! I look forward to meeting all of you on Sunday! Take a moment to check out my daily digest blog at Current Events Monitor

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