Friday, July 02, 2004

Island Dave's "Outfoxed" House Party: July 18th

I'll be hosting a house party in conjuntion with for the movie premier of Outfoxed, a hard-hitting look at the conservative media outlet Fox. You can watch a trailer of the movie here.

My house party will start around 6PM on July 18th. Following the movie, we will take part in a massive conference call with Al Franken and the movie's director Robert Greenwald.

If anyone would like to attend, please sign up here or email me here for more information.

In other news, Fahrenheit 9-11 has finally opened less than an hour from my location, so Tiffiney and I will go see it on Monday. Its playing in Jacksonville, NC, home of the Marine's Camp Lejuene. I'll be curious to see how the Jacksonville Daily News covers the movie, if at all. I'm sure it will be packed since so many military families are now growing highly distrustful of the Bush administration and its military policies.

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