Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Everything is fine in EI

We got lucky as the eye of Hurricane Alex passed about 50 miles south of our town. Mostly, we just go rain and wind gusts in the 40MPH range, not a-typical for summer squalls that frequent this area. I haven't heard how Ocracoke or Hatteras have faired yet, they are getting a direct hit from Alex. We slept lightly off-and-on all night keeping an eye on the storm's progress, and once it was safely by, we caught some Zs, so sorry for the late update (same reason CEM wasn't posted last night, too busy getting everything hurricane ready)

Anyway, the CEM will be back up tomorrow morning with a new issue. Until then, check the stories in NYT and WaPo about the terror alert: just as much douchebaggery as we figured. These guys don't quit, so never relax this election year.

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