Thursday, July 29, 2004

IDV hits 1000 Unique!

Thanks to everyone who has visited the IDV. Together, with Current Events Monitor, my sites have passed the 1000 unique visitor mark in only 2 months! The total visit count is somewhere around 1400 now. Plus, if you visit both sites, you are only counted one time, so I'm really pleased that so many people have given my work a view! I hope you continue to enjoy it as long as I remember to want to continue to post.

I'm heading up to Morehead at 8 in the morning to meet the Bowles bus campaign. Bowles will be speaking, and Roger Eaton will be in attendence in a non-offical participation. We're all hoping that Bowles will offer his support verbally to Roger, a move which could help boost the campaign against Jones. I'll post more when I get back. For now, I've posted the new CEM a bit earlier than usual, so enjoy.

Island Dave

BTW: My girlfriend now has a blog. Island Tiffiney's View. She's just getting started, but she has really enjoyed it thus far. Her blog will be a more personal, reflective lifeblog, though I expect she'll have a word or two about politics occasionally. She's campaigning for Eaton as well.

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