Wednesday, June 16, 2004

9-11 panel destroys Iraq links to Al Qaida

After Cheney again uttered his moronic assertion that Iraq and Al Qaida had "long-established ties," the 9-11 Commission offers a stinging rebuke to the Bush administration "evidence." According to the AP:
Bluntly contradicting the Bush administration, the commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks reported Wednesday there was "no credible evidence" that Saddam Hussein had ties with al-Qaida.
Anyone who has been following this disaster in foreign policy has no doubt long ago given up on any reasonable expectation of such a link proving true. Just like every other rationale used in "persuading" our nation and its "coalition" into war with Iraq, the Al Qaida-Saddam connection was hyped and misconstrued. From mobile weapons labs that were actually water and fuel trucks, to a forged document suggesting Iraqi interest in "yellow cake" uranium from Niger, the Bush administration's claims have all been found to be without support or integrity.

While the AP restates that"
Bin Laden made overtures to Saddam for assistance, the commission said, as he did with leaders in Sudan, Iran, Afghanistan and elsewhere as he sought to build an Islamic army
The news report goes on to reiterate that:
While Saddam dispatched a senior Iraqi intelligence official to Sudan to meet with bin Laden in 1994, the commission said it had not turned up evidence of a "collaborative relationship
Don't forget that Cheney made his statement only two days ago, yet another sign that this administration has no integrity, no accountability, and no interest in protecting the most basic rights of its citizenry.

It is one thing to lie about a blow job. It is quite another to lie about reasons to go to war.

Clinton's lie ended in a semen-stained dress and a tarnished personal image.

Bush/Cheney lies are ending in blood-stained camos and tarnished international relations.

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