Saturday, June 26, 2004

This is my kind of candidate!

From Reuters:
OTTAWA (Reuters) - After a two-year stint delivering papers to Canadian senators, Marijuana Party candidate and career dominatrix Carol Taylor said she has entered the political arena to help ease people's pain.

Taylor, who says she smokes marijuana to cope with a painful neurological disorder, has whipped up excitement in her Ottawa district, despite being given little chance of beating the incumbent Liberal Party candidate in the June 28 election.

Her campaign workers left postcard leaflets on Wednesday in mailboxes featuring Taylor with one breast exposed under the banner "Can the cannabis crackdown."

She is fighting to legalize the use of marijuana for medicinal and personal use. The Liberals proposed a bill to decriminalize the personal use of pot but the proposal died when the election was called on May 23.

"This is the only political platform with which I have ever been in total agreement," Taylor says on her Marijuana Party Web site.

The Liberals under Prime Minister Paul Martin are in a close race against the Conservatives, who are generally not in favor of easing up on illegal drugs.

Taylor was a Senate page shuttling paper to and from lawmakers in the early 1990s and since then has worked in a Montreal "dungeon" as a dominatrix.

"I can't believe Elections Canada allows this kind of stuff. I'm not uptight but I can see how some people would consider this to be pornographic," one Senate employee said. "I'm shocked, and a little aroused."

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