Wednesday, June 02, 2004


AP wire service has called the race for Herseth! Congrats the all the SD team, as well as the many people from across the nation who helped this happen. Despite the fact that the republicans spent millions on the race in a largely Republican state, Stephanie has pulled it off.

Of course, she'll have to keep her campaign going since this election is only to fill the remainder of Bill Janklow's term. I'm sure her defeated opponent Diedrich will not hesitate to unleash everything in the run up to the November elections.

In fact, I'd say that Diedrich's "concession" from yesterday was intentional, and meant to keep Republicans from voting. The logic goes like this: Diedrich, a smart tactician, understands the public slide of support for Bush. He recognizes that if elected today, he would, by sheer party allegiance, have to strongly keep associations with Bush. Despite the public show of confidence, there are serious cracks in the GOP effort this year, and Diedrich, who would have likely only squeaked a victory if at all today, would suffer enough voter loss to lose the seat for two years. This way, he has an extra few months to refocus attention on destroying Herseth's public image, and is only out of office for a couple months. From a tactical standpoint, it may be a smart move.

Then again, it may just be my imagination...he may be simply trying to make a close race look like a victory, a common political move...

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