Monday, July 19, 2004 dropped the ball for my house party

Unfortunately, my Outfoxed did not arrive in time to screen for my house party. It was pretty frustrating, especially considering the fact that I ordered the DVD within a few hours of receiving the initial House Party email from MoveOn. I'm not sure quite what happened, but my suspicion is that they ran out of DVDs early on, and shipped mine later when replacements were procured.

I was offered an opportunity to receive and overnighted, rush delivery from MoveOn on Friday. I responded on time, but alas, no video arrived. I had to cancel the house party instead, a pretty disappointing turn of events.

Naturally, what shows up Monday morning? Both copies of Outfoxed. The mailed version was my requested DVD, but the rush copy was a VHS (I had requested DVD for it as well.) This is one reason I suspect the DVDs were out of stock for a bit.

Anyway, I am going to try to reschedule the event. Roger Eaton has said he would certainly like to attend and get a chance to meet everyone. He stopped by my place just a few minutes ago with his campaign manager Larry Spell to drop off fliers for the primary.

Although he is not facing primary competition (and thus, not on the primary ballot as per state rules), the campaign wants to hand out fliers to those who show up at polling places. The brochures are really very stylish, concise, and unlike most political fliers, actually contains information about Roger's platform. Tiffiney and I will be handing them out during the primary tomorrow at Emerald Isle and Pine Knoll Shores.

Now, as to the Outfoxed movie, which I watched this morning, here is my take: Brilliant, provocative, but unlikely to impact media relations in time to affect 2004 campaign coverage. MoveOn has filed a complaint with the FTC about Fox's trademark "Fair and Balanced" which the network is clearly not. Please sign the complaint here. Read the full complaint here.

The movie itself offered quite a few different perspectives on the Fox bias, but honestly I thought there would be more direct accusations. Robert Greenwald, the director, clearly wanted to leave some of the arguments open-ended without drawing a commentated conclusion (other than Fox is a biased group of networks.) But the movie's subtitle is "Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism, so I expected a bit more focus on the person behind the punditry. Murdoch is clearly addressed in the movie, but I feel he got off a bit lighter than he should have. Maybe that is why Greenwald is a producer and I am not: He knows how to just make a point without ramming his view down the watcher's throat.

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