Monday, July 26, 2004

Erskine Bowles in Morehead City on Thursday

Democratic Senate candidate Erskine Bowles will be at the Carteret County Democratic Headquarters in Morehead City on Thursday, July 29. He'll be making a routing campaign stop, one which we hope will be in support of Roger Eaton, who will also be in attendance. The event will take place at 8AM.

Its a bit last minute, but a large turnout would be an enormous help to both the Bowles and Eaton campaigns. I understand there will be a free continental breakfast provided, so you have even less excuse for not attending. NC-3 people, please come, and bring as many people as you possibly can.

The HQ is located in the same strip mall as the NC License Agency, located next to Thunder Road Computers. The signage isn't great, but there are signs in the windows which make the spot obvious. Even so, the Bowles bus will outside the facilities at some point.

For directions from your specific location, plug in 3025 Bridges Street, Morehead City, NC into MapQuest.

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