Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I'm off to work the polls...

Roger Eaton for Congress is manning polling locations to hand out fliers for his campaign. I'm heading down to the Emerald Isle location now with stacks of them, though I seriously doubt that many people will turn out. Roger is not on the primary ballot, so I'll be passing them out as people leave the building so as not to create confusion. Plus, the trash cans are inside and I'd rather have them toss the fliers in the car, where someone else might fight them, than stuff the "memory hole" trash cans in the building.

It should be an interesting time since I have never handed out literature before. But Roger's campaign is both a positive one as well as a true "underdog" scenario which deserves every ounce of support I can give. He is a genuine, intelligent, and reasonable person who has witnessed the lack of representation from Wacky Walter, and hopes to remove Jones from the seat Jones likely believes is his by default.

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