Monday, August 16, 2004

Monday's CSMF


Claps to the 1,100 Iraqis who showed up at a provincial meeting to protest the military assault in Najaf. Exercising the true freedoms of democracy, the protestors were able to peacefully bring an amazing shift in policy toward the situation, one which will likely leave American officials scratching their heads in wonderment. While still a fledgling democracy, Iraq is quickly becoming a hotbed of free expression and appropriate outrage at military operations in Najaf and other cities. It is becoming clear that U.S. intervention should diminish quickly as Iraqis, while still existing in political turmoil, must determine their own course of action. This meeting sparks a new belief in the Iraqi people's strength, though a backlash at American soldiers is unfortunately a likely result. Yet another reason to get the hell out of Hell, and bring our boys and girls back home before we lose another one to senseless warfare.

Slaps to John Harris, staff writer for the Washington Post, for showing he knows just how to blow the President when he really needs to take a load off. Harris's fluff piece in Monday morning's edition provides absolutely no news, no information, and basically serves as a Sunday School primary for potential Bush visits. Lets all just grab a beer and sit around with the "shirtsleeves" President as he smirks that Kerry "might change his mind", all the while, our troops fight bloody battles in dozens of Iraqi cities. Amazing how a decent paper such as the Post can employ such a moronic, unintelligent, and clearly non-creative jackass as Harris for a piece which appears on page 2. Oh, wait, then again, this is the Washington Post...should we expect anything else?

My Middle Finger goes once again to U.S. military planners who ignorantly believe killing Sadr will end insurgent and terroristic attacks on American soldiers. As fighting rages on, the U.S. readies for an all-out assault on Najaf in an attempt to slaughter the Cleric's army once and for all. But as pointed out in Claps, there is strong opposition to U.S. actions there, and further violence will only grow the opposition, not diminish it. As was seen with the growth of terrorist cells in Iraq after the American invasion, eliminating a strong, central figure will simply open the door for greater demand for violence. The U.S. must pull back, abandon Najaf for the time being, and allow Iraqis to control their own destiny. We cannot allow our soldiers to sacrifice their lives in a power-struggle over a city rightly claimed by incumbent Iraqi citizens. This senseless, ignorant aggression must end, and it must end now. Sadly, it is not to be...

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