Sunday, August 15, 2004

Post-Hurricane Blogging...

Sorry for the delay, folks, its been one helluva weekend. With the Hurricane coming through, many people were unable to clean rentals, so Tiffiney and I worked through the storm and put in 13 hours on Saturday. Then we had skinny-dipping priorities to attend to :), so no Saturday blogging. Much the same today, lots of work.

Everything is fine in Emerald Isle, no damage, not even any trees down. We witnessed a few small tornadoes staying up in the clouds, but nothing major. Mostly, we just got heavy winds and rain for a couple of hours, some local flooding, and a flicker of power or two, but all-in-all, not too bad.

The people down in Florida were not so lucky. See Andante's site for some links if you would like to help. There are thousands now without homes after this destructive storm.

Of course, we may need to brace for round 4 (Alex, Bonnie, Charley all came through NC in one form or another), now Earl is heading on the same path Charley took.

Anyway, a pic or two here, and many, many more on my photoblog. On the photoblog, you can enlarge the pics for better viewing, but I'm just linking to them here.

View out the car window as Charley was picking up.

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